I started this website to engage my clear passion for knives. Knives are wonderful, versatile things that make our everyday lives easier.

They help us prepare nutritious meals for our families in the kitchen. They help us build survival shelters out in the wilderness. They help us accomplish quick tasks like opening the packaging of something we’ve purchased in a retail store. They even help us with maintaining our beautiful lawns and gardens.

Knives are my passion, and I aim to share that passion with people all over the world. Knives are really something special, and everyone needs to own a few knives that will help them get things done.

Whether you’re a hunter, a camper, a fisherman, a hiker, a woodworker, or even an aspiring culinary expert, you’ll need to find the right tools to get the job done. It’s my aim to extend my expertise to you, helping you find exactly what you’re looking for.

I discovered my love of knives at an early age, and it’s only grown stronger over the years. I became increasingly aware of how often I needed a knife to accomplish a task, and even how often I used them at work.

I have a great respect for the tools of my trade, and I enjoy spending my time researching the latest innovations in cutlery technology. I love sharpening and maintaining my wide collection of knives – especially when I get to take a few of my favorites out on a camping trip with me.

I’ve made it my mission to get others inspired to appreciate these great tools and assist them in finding the ones that will work best for their lifestyles. There’s a knife for everyone, and I want you to find yours. Let me share my vast knowledge with you.