Arrow Rest Selection: Best Arrow Rest 2018

Having you bow prepared for your next outdoor activities is very important. The major step to accomplishing this is installing the right arrow rest. That is possibly one of the most essential parts of your hunting bow.

If you do not have the appropriate arrow rest for your hunting bow, you may encounter a lot of issues while shooting. So in this content, we will be checking out the most reasonably-priced and the best arrow rest for hunting on the market today and some vital things you need to about arrow rest. So read on and make the right buying decision.

Types of Arrow Rest

There are various types of arrow rest available and every one of them accomplishes a different thing. The type of arrow rest you require will depend greatly on what you are planning on doing. There are some arrow rest that is good in shooting targets and there are some that are good for hunting.

We will take you through some of the major types of arrow rests in order for you to have a general knowledge of what you want. The particular type of rest that you want will depend solely on your utilization for your hunting bow, so always remember that when you are checking out various arrow rest types.

QAD Pro Series LD Drop Away Big

Drop-Away Arrow Rest

This arrow rest provides you with complete arrow containment similar to the whisker Biscuits rest. If you lay your arrow on the rest, regardless of your hunting stance, the arrow won’t tumble off.  One decent feature of this arrow rest type is that when you take a shot, the arrow rest drops the distance without any interference or fletching contact with the arrow.

The arrow rest that arrives in this style directs your arrows upfront for around 13 inches. Some of the best drop away arrow rest enables your arrow to fly super-quick with simple clearance. On the off chance that your arrow is caught in the rest and pulled firmly, then you are certain that you will get the best shooting precision.

The drawback to the drop away rest type is that it always needs some tuning. It may be hard to set up while hunting, particularly if you are just entering into the world of hunting.


Whisker Biscuits Rests

This arrow rest type is easiest to use. When this arrow rest was first introduced, it was subversive. This arrow rest was the first type to contain your arrow completely. The rest accompanies a round circle area where you can lay your hunting arrows through. This arrow rest pattern holds your arrow strongly, making it stay stiff.

One of the advantages of this arrow rest is that it completely contains your arrow. Therefore, regardless of what you perform with the hunting bow, it is not possible for that arrow to drop out of the bowl.

While hunting, this is awesome, particularly when you are jumping or running with your bow. For newbies, you can pull the bow, release it and you don’t need to stress over your arrow going off.

The main drawback to this arrow rest is that it seldom has a fletching interaction with the vanes which therefore slows down the arrow’s speed. But if the rest is properly set up, it truly does not have much effect on the arrow flight.

Editor’s Choice

Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

 Quality Archery Products HDX Arrow Rest

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NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree Sound Dampening

 NAP Apache Drop-Away Rest Right Hand Camo 360 Degree Sound Dampening

Best Value

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand

 Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX, Mossy Oak, Right Hand

Shoot-Thru Arrow Rest

This type of arrow rest is also known as prong rest because it accompanies two customizable prongs. The arrow will simply settle down in a gap and easily cradled to retain it. You get the opportunity to modify the prongs so that your arrow will effectively get discharged without having to touch the prongs. You would now be certain that the arrow’s delivery to the prey nor the speed of the arrow would be influenced.

The prongs that come with this arrow rest are designed to have springs in it. This is to help provide sufficient space through which the arrow will travel when released. Immediately the shot is taken, the prongs would come back to their normal position so as to allow you take your next shot.

These arrow rest types are usually simple to install and would arrive in various designs. If you really like this kind of arrow rest, you have to check out the arrow rest reviews so as to know what you will be deriving from the model.

Containment Arrow Rest

This kind of arrow rest derives its name from the concept that it is designed to contain the arrow in order to prevent it from falling off easily after nocking off. This could be ideal for the newbie archery hoping to utilize the model to rehearse their shooting abilities before they improve. The experienced bowhunters, then again, feel it is extraordinary to give them more concentration on a target.

The general design is so easy to get more people to use it. It can be built with foam, metal or nylon. You can get the arrow rest into position effortlessly and start using it.

Factors to Consider When Looking for The Right Arrow Rest

There are various factors to consider when looking for the best hunting arrow rest. These factors will matter pretty much depending on your planned purpose, but we will discuss some of these factors for you to make a good buying decision.


To start with, know where you are planning on using the arrow rest. Will you use it for target shooting or hunting? It is important to know this so as to remain on your movements. Many people would prefer to get a containment arrow rest for hunting because of its maximum tight hang on the arrow, yet there is likewise the people who utilize drop away arrow rest because of speedier arrows.

With respect to sports shooting, most people would incline toward lightweight and rests that will not touch the prongs or any other things that may obstruct its flight when released.

Setting Up

The drop away arrow rest is quite easy to install as you gain some experience from it. There is some drop away rest models that are difficult to attach compared to others, so it is much better to have the shopkeeper to help you do it on your first buy.

As you probably are aware of how to do it without anyone else’s help, you can adjust whatever requires adjustment so as to meet all your requirement for a more accurate and more comfortable shooting. Things to consider are the cable string, prongs and arrow containment for the arrow rest


Obviously, you are planning to purchase an arrow rest to enhance your archery performance so better maximize it by finding the right arrow rest model for you. The drop away rest can provide you with what you are searching for as it avoids any contact with your arrow upon discharge as it flies speedily!

Additionally, you won’t have the arrow’s feather end or helical fletching be damaged because of faster arrows and prongs! You will never again have your arrow falling when you are not looking due to the bigger prongs that support the arrow shaft.


Don’t ever miss quality when purchasing anything. An arrow rest that you pick must be long lasting and durable with the fluctuating climate outdoors.

Consider the material used in making the arrow rest. Plastic or steel, which is good? Stainless steel is stronger and prevents corrosion.


Though some drop away rest can be as expensive as it could influence your budget, it doesn’t fail. It is either to your inclination if you purchase an arrow rest that is fairly priced or the expensive ones.

Top 7 Best Arrow Rest Reviews

Now that we have taken you through the arrow rest types and what you need to consider before buying an arrow rest model, here are seven best arrow rest for hunting in the market today.

Quality Archery Products Arrow Rest

This arrow rest model is indeed one best arrow rest model you can ever come in contact with. When they say outstanding, they truly mean it since this arrow rest can actually hold your arrow wisely.

Quality Archery Products Arrow Rest


Developed to be effective, this arrow rest is built with top notch stainless steel and likewise comes with an original tree AP shading close by the normal dark shading. Oftentimes, the arrow has a tendency of moving position. But, this will not really be an issue with this arrow rest. The arrow will always remain in position.

This arrow rest comes with a pack which is accompanied by a video to show to you all you need to know about the arrow rest. The rest is even coordinated with innovative technological parts such as propelled vibration which reduces too much vibration. Some other key features incorporated into the arrow rest are the lock down mechanism and velocity drop-away innovation.


  • Full instruction manual
  • Prevents arrow rest bouncing back.
  • Offers advanced speed and accuracy
  • Complete arrow regulation for dependability, simple setup and security
  • Discernibly calm and smooth HDX bolt rest
  • The HDX gives a well-assembled and tough development


  • The arrow rest’s riser turns out to be thicker at the point of mounting due to the bear which may mess with the vertical direction of the arrow rest

Vapor Trail LimbDriver Arrow Rest


If you need an arrow rest with great performance that shoots well, the choose the Vapor Trail LimbDriver Arrow rest model. It streamlines the rest set-up and bow tuning. You don’t have to think of your bowl or attempting any wire which can possibly take much time.

The development of this arrow rest is exceptional because of the V-shape. This enhances the drop away innovation as you only need to link the rope to the bow at the upper appendage. There is no problem with the fletching clearance and it can give you a quick speed shooting.

Furthermore, the free-skimming launcher blade ingests the stuns conveyed by the arrows while on-air. As one of the best arrow rest for compound bow, the Vapor Trail is known to make accurate and neat shots while releasing arrows. This means that you will not frighten your game away any longer.


  • Made to be more compact and lighter
  • Catches your arrow better
  • Easy to set up
  • The appendage driver has the slightest wear
  • Made to stay up to 70 percent of the shot circle
  • Fast and quick
  • Adjustable spring pressure


  • Very tight set screw
  • Force needs to be applied on the pullback in a tree stand so as to ensure there isn’t any arrow wobble

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX

This arrow rest is the best range from the brand of Quality Archery and it is well-known to be the most expensive arrow rest model. However, it is made to be smooth and the pattern at which it has been built to be utilized with the latest bow innovation.

Quality Archery Designs Ultra-Rest HDX


There are likewise some specific extravagant items of the Ultra-Rest HDX that justify its higher price. For instance, a propelled vibration system limits too much vibration and the entire operation of the arrow rest is kept noiseless by the tough shaped versatile part. Additionally, you can be sure that your arrow is positioned precisely any time it is placed due to the full draw pointer. Lastly, the timing cord is viably mobile despite when it is clasped down to the buss wire of the arrow rest.


  • Offers 100% Containment
  • High-quality rest
  • Drops quickly and has a locking system that halts vibration and eliminates any bounce-back impact
  • Arrow stays 100% contained


  • If not used properly, it can drop easily
  • It can produce cams leave time

QAD Pro Series LD Drop Away

Occasionally, you prefer shooting the smaller arrow. With the QAD drop away rest, you can be successful in it. It has the ability to hold small length arrows securely. In fact, you can get the speed and precision you need to precisely hit your prey. This rest is accompanied by a stylish camouflage design that is perfect for most bowhunters that like to blend with their surroundings.

QAD Pro Series LD Drop Away


The “break away” technique ensures that nothing will intervene with the arrow’s way. This arrow rest is likewise designed to be noiseless while embedding your arrow so that you won’t scare off your target. However, you should remember that this arrow rest model is designed majorly for right-handed users.


  • Can safely contain arrow
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not make any noise when shot
  • Sold at a good price


  • The felt that comes with the rest can be expensive if you want to replace it
  • The screws holding the arrow rest can loose easily after some time
  • The arrow is partly made of metal and partly made of plastic

Ripcord Fall Away Arrow Rest

This arrow rest model can keep you going for quite a while and can provide you with all the great experience you are aspiring to achieve throughout your years as an archer or bowhunter. It has great quality and all the right performance you need in an arrow rest in order to make your hunting trip more exciting and productive.

Ripcord Fall Away Arrow Rest


The most intriguing thing we noticed about this arrow rest model by Ripcord is the way it allows you to physically bolt it into the appropriate position. In addition, it separates at complete draw which provides you with a full arrow clearance. This rest is quite fast and easy to install. You needn’t bother yourself with any bow press to viably attach your cord clasp to the bow wire. All you need to do is to carefully follow all the instructions prescribed in the manual and you will definitely be good to go!

The inside dampeners ensure a quiet shot when you release the arrow, thus giving you a high possibility of hitting your prey. Since the arrow rest can be totally adjusted, you will have the ability to easily and quickly tune it while carrying out your hunting activity.


  • Silent operation
  • Incredibly easy to modify
  • Enjoy a great deal of customizability


  • The installation guidelines and directions aren’t clear enough
  • The football clips are very small and you will need to spend more to append it on the bow wire

New Archery Apache Arrow Rest

The arrow rest’s affordability definitely makes it appealing to many buyers. You would get a lot of buyers feeling it is the accurate price for a rest and still have plenty great features only found in costly models.

New Archery Apache Arrow Rest


The arrow rest’s installation part is simple for people who already knew how to install an arrow rest, yet it can be somewhat difficult for the individuals who are just knowing the model for the first time. The beginners may need to read the guidelines two or three times just to see how to do it.

Once you have correctly set up the model, the performance is quite perfect. Some may have thought that it was really an underdog, however with its amazing working skills, the arrow rest is usually well-known to be the best model among the costly ones.

The durable construction is what makes it one of the best arrow rest model. You would be carefree realizing that the arrow rest model you own is built with strong material that would improve the durability.


  • Very affordable
  • Works perfectly after setup
  • Requires neither tools nor wrenches for adjustments
  • Top notch tough construction
  • Whisper silent operation


  • Made only for right-handed users
  • Not very simple to use because it does take some time to install and setup
  • The installation guidelines and directions aren’t clear enough

Truglo Downdraft Drop Away RT Xtra

The arrow rest’s affordability definitely makes it appealing to many buyers. It is an inexpensive model that should effectively make you cherish the experience of utilizing an in expensive arrow rest. However, shouldn’t something be said about the installation procedure?

Indeed, you shouldn’t experience any difficulty with the installation as this arrow rest model is designed to be easy and quick with the installation segment. For somebody who is used to it before, it shouldn’t take more than 15mins.

Truglo Downdraft Drop Away RT Xtra


The performance, however, is better and enhanced. You should surely perceive that the performance has indeed been enhanced when utilizing this arrow rest model. The specialized rubber dampeners are very imperative to keep the arrow stacking process silent.

Some people may be worried concerning the bounce-back when taking a shot. Well, that isn’t something you would encounter while using this model. The undesirable bounce-back is prevented to ensure that you get the opportunity to enjoy better performance using this model.


  • Very affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Absence of unwanted bounce-back when taking a shot
  • Comes with specialized rubber dampeners
  • Great quality for the price


  • The durability of the arrow rest could be improved


We believe we have been able to do justice to the popularly asked question of ‘what is the best arrow rest’. The arrow rests discussed above are some of the best model available in the market today. Depending on the performance requirements and also your financial plan, make your choice from the above listed models.

It is, however, critical to say that though qualities, for example, noise reduction and durability are essential factors to consider when looking for the best model, let your shooting style be your major guiding factor.