Best Peep Sights of 2018

If you had turned to become a die-hard fan of the modern archery, you should be more acquainted and conversant with what is known as Peep Sight. With no doubt, you may have been wondering what a peep sight truly means? Or on the other hand, you may be asking that is it really important to attach one on your bow?

Furthermore, is it affordable to buy? Well, yes it is, you should learn to buy good peep sights for your bow if you really want to come out as a great shooter. You don’t need to stress yourself too much since good quality peep sights can be acquired at a very low price range.


Being specific about an archery equipment demands luck and consistency from you. Luck will do the running out while consistency will make you win. One of the major equipment that most archers have in their weapons store is the peep sight, which is an apparently simple device that is incredibly helpful when appropriately used.

When not properly used, they can give you a false sensation of security leading to problems of accuracy. In this article, we will be discussing tips on how to pick the best peep sight from your store, how to effectively make use of a peep sight and highlight some common peep sights you can find in today’s market accompanied by their respective pros and cons.

What are peep sights?

Bow peep sights can be regarded as a little, curved-shape attached on bowstrings. Yes, much the same as a donut where shooters look through the center hole of this device in order to aim for an accurate shot. Through this same hole, shooters can effectively aim their chosen field of view. If this is correctly done, the targeted object can be shot precisely. The most essential benefits of a peep sight are that it offers certainty to the shooter.

Whenever a peep sight is being attached to the bow during any hunting expedition, it always enables the shooter to adjust his bow sight thereby helping him to make an adjustment of the right pin to discharge an accurate shot. Since the shooter is only looking through the peep’s center, he will have the capacity to focus on his targeted object accurately all because the peep sight has significantly narrowed the field of vision.

Distraction and interference from outside components are decreased. Helped by this device, the shooter’s focus is to concentrate on the targeted object. At this point, a perfect shot is gotten.


Peep sight likewise helps to develop the accuracy of the shooter – as people always say that practice makes perfect. Being familiarized with the same position and way each time has been observed to give shooters that perfect shot. This is applicable in most competitive archery. Shooting practices conducted regularly by using a peep sight improves the consistency of the shooter. As it’s been said that one must be accurate before one is consistent.

Most hunters find themselves in complicated circumstances sometimes. There are times that they have to shoot in compromising positions but need to do it very fast. That is the point at which the peep sight proves to be useful. Even in most difficult situations and positions, it will enable hunters to necessarily make a shot thereby minimizing broken tips, loss of bolts and loss of arrows. Basically, a perfect bow peep sight will spare you some cash. It is highly recommended that you make a right decision as far as this device is concerned.

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Allen Center View Peep Sight

 Allen Center View Peep Sight

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Carbon Express Sure Vision Peep Sight

 Carbon Express Sure Vision Peep Sight

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Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight

 Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Peep Sight

Picking the correct and the best bow peep sight is a major factor as far as a consistent accuracy is concerned. It is essential to have the correct peep sight if you desire to make incredible shots each time you shoot. This is something that should need to be discussed today. Discussed below are the tips for purchasing the best peep sight for hunting.

1. Peep Sight Type

Rubber Tube peeps: These peeps are widely known for their unwavering quality to keep your bow in the right alignment. They are likewise more affordable than different kinds of peep sights. Nevertheless, one of their disadvantages is the snapping noise generated by the tube after the string must have been released. Tubes can break abruptly without showing any sign of wear and tear, and can likewise get broken on branches effortlessly in case you are hunting somewhere down in the bush.

Fletcher Style: The Fletcher style is well known among professional hunter to keep their bows in the right alignment. They are made with aluminum and when attached they tend to split the string strands into equal parts. The Fletcher style can be tedious to attach and demands you to have trained your string in order to properly align the peep sight adjusted when your bow is completely drawn. Most beginning archers found this type of peeps to be hard to use because they turn with the string while in the intense heat, snow or rain.

Tri-Slot/Trio Style: Unlike the Fletcher style, the Trio Style is quite easier to align since it tends to split the string strands into thirds rather than equal halves. You may discover that the peep will turn out of expected position (mostly happens in intense cold or hot conditions or even, in the rain), yet regardless of the possibility that it’s marginally pivoted your sight picture will be sufficiently clear to take a decent shot.

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2. Peep sight size

Another factor that ought to be considered when looking for the best peep sight for you is the sight’s size. If you are principally going to make use of your bow hunting or archery rig, then you should know that the larger the peep sight the better. As we have effectively covered, a larger sight has many advantages which include all the bright light in low light shooting conditions and easier and quicker recognition of sight pins.

Basically, the smaller the peep sight you get the more difficult it will be to be able to see in low light and you may feel less exact in your targeting and aiming techniques being used.

Picking the correct peep size will rely upon your sense of use. Few people focus on the pins to be used as a part of the center of the peep sight; others will focus on the whole sight in the peep.

By making use of a round sight lodging and the correct sized peep, it will definitely turn out to be less difficult to subliminally arrange them together and have a repeatable shooting position. Most hunters using bows pick a peep sight that is around ¼inch or 3/16 inch in diameter across with a goal to maximize the measure of available light appropriately.

3. Peep Sight Height

The height of peep sight can be regarded as the distance separating over the nocking point of the bowstring. It is essential to put the peep sight at a particular height most reasonable for your bow in order to guarantee that the peep sight is well secure.

A high peep height of around 15cm is appropriate for low anchor points or long draw lengths. A low peep stature of around 11cm is best utilized for high anchor points or shorter draw lengths. In case your bow does not fit in any of the above categories, it is best to run with a standard peep sight of around 13cm.

How to use a Peep Sight

Before really making use of a peep sight, you will first need to attach it properly. The first and foremost step is to isolate the strands on the bowstring. In case you are making use of a Trio Style peep sight, you will partition it into three strands, yet generally, isolate the bowstring into two strands.

You can isolate the strands physically with your hands or by making use of a string separator. Once the strands are split, attach the peep sight. Make sure that the strands are not bent or twisted in such a way that it will block your view through the hole of the peep sight whenever you draw the bow.

After you must have attached your peep sight, it is necessary to test it in order to ensure it is aligned appropriately. keep your eyes closed, draw back both the anchor and string. The moment you open your eyes, the peep sight must have been at your front.


Once your peep sight is locked and correctly aligned before your eyes, you are prepared to make a go. When using a peep sight the first rime, practice always makes perfect – so make sure to test it out and figure out your favorite aiming position.

While using a peep sight to aim, there are basically two things you need to consider. One, just center a correct sight pin in the peep. Secondly, align this sight pin to the circular pin guard of your bow sight. It is time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of properly aligning your peep using the pin guard or just centralizing a correct sight pin inside the peep.

We will begin with the most well-known technique and that is making an alignment of peep sight together with the pin guard. It is not hard to deduce why this has emerged as the most famous technique; just take a close look at the circular housing of the bow sight on almost the greater part of the present most famous bow sights. This technique enables the shooter to manage a steady anchor point irrespective of what kind of pin they may be using.

The way that this technique uses a bigger peep opening offers absolute visibility in shooting conditions, which involves low light. This technique takes brief seconds longer to secure to your targeted object in order to locate that reliable anchor point. When you have properly aligned your peep to the pin guard of the bow sight, discover the sight pin.

Modern archers do consider centralizing the pin within the peep sight as the best since it is more normal for the human eye to centralize the pin inside the peep sight. This takes into consideration super-fast target identification in which a brief second could determine the fate of the shot. Some contend, however, that this technique antagonistically influences long-range accuracy since you need to adjust your anchor point in order to effectively adjust and adapt yourself to the bow sight.

Bow Peep Sight Reviews

Peep sights come in about the same size, shading and shape possible nowadays and related to archery, everything boils down to each individual preference concerning choosing which one to buy. Hence, now that you are comfortable with how to make use of a peep sight and some factors to consider while picking one, let’s take a look at some of the best peep sight for bow hunting.

Truglo Centra Pro Series Archery Peep

Regardless of whether you are an amateur or an expert in archery, this peep sight model can be seen as a valuable expansion to your bow. This device is produced using a lightweight aluminum design. Its edges design enables its user to achieve an accurate peep alignment for a pretty, nice shot.

This peep sight has a precision CNC machined-angled design, absolutely intended for shorter axle-to-axle bow and doesn’t require any tubing. It is accessible in various aperture diameters. Request one that will appropriately fit your bow type.

Therefore, in case you need to be a consistent and exact shooter, TruGlo Pro Series Peep Sight will get that going and highly recommended for this purpose. TruGlo enables you to pick the size of the peep sight that is required for your future hunting adventure.

Truglo Centra Pro Series Archery Peep


  • Very easy to install
  • Great clearance
  • Works well for old people
  • Rotates to the right angle
  • Stays in place when bonded with a constrictor knot


  • Minimal installation instructions available
  • Does not come with serving threads

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight

This model is one of the best compound bow peep sight which provides shooter with a flawlessly aligned peep sight. Made in the USA, this peep is a durable and solid accessory for your favorite bow.

This peep sight is accessible in eight unique shading. It always comes with shading-matched, best silicone peep tubing. It is known to be crack and dry-decay resistant, which is a typical defect in most peep tubings.

This model is designed using a lightweight, high-impact resin. Thus, you are guaranteed of a solid, effortless peep sighting device, for a long time. It also features a self-aligning and reliable device.

Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Peep Sight



  • Easy to install
  • Great design with stylish colors
  • User can view everything while opening the two eyes are opened
  • Durable
  • Comes with great accessory
  • Light weight


  • The body design doesn’t fully support the 1/4″ aperture

Rad Peep Men’s Super Deuce Peep Sight

With a size of 1/8 inch and a green shade, the Rad Peep can be regarded as a state-of-the-art polymer construction with high impact. It makes the device bounce back quickly after each shot has been made.

The circular peep sight, however designed with 38-degree aluminum makes it lightweight. Its aperture is ensured to stay round and true even after making successive shots. An anodized-aluminum sight is built into the string at an angle of 38°, thus providing you with a true circular aperture hole coming at full draw.

The dual radius slotting eliminates sharp points and string-cutting burrs. Grooved outside gets a secure serving to oppose coincidental shifts, and shields you from loss of peep amid accidental dry fire.

RAD Peep Mens Super Deuce Peep Sight



  • Very lightweight
  • Very easy to view out of
  • Can increase your aim
  • Turns right every time
  • Keeps your aperture true and circular shot after shot
  • Very strong and durable


  • Comes only in one color (green)

Allen Center View Peep Sight

The Allen bow peep sight comes in only red color. It is built with lightweight aluminum. The unique feature of this peep sight model is its strong anodized finish and also with smooth edges.

However, this feature assures that your bow string is damage-free. When you order for this item it will arrive in one pack. We guarantee you of a durable and reliable accessory to your hunting bow with this Peep Sight.

Your hunting trip will be surely be fun and exciting anyplace, whenever you shoot or hunt. You can place an order by clicking on the link below.

Allen Center View Peep Sight



  • Lightweight
  • Strong anodized finish
  • Durable and reliable
  • Works well
  • Well made
  • Ensures increased consistency and accuracy


  • Color not optimal enough for shooting
  • A bit difficult to install

Carbon Express Sure Vision Peep Sight

At a size of 3/16″, the Carbon Express is lightweight and therefore simple to install on your hunting bow. Anyway you attempt to twist your bow string, or irrespective of angle, this great peep sight model guarantees you of clear and clean visibility through its tried and true sight.

If you need a great quality peep sight for your cash, why not purchase this peep sight model now. It has a hole that is encompassed with glowing spots that helps to assemble light and help bowhunters visually find the focal point of their peep sight.

The additional light given combined with a medium sized opening gives you a sufficiently clear sight image to chase in even the dimmest situations. It also comes with a peep aligner tube.

Carbon Express Sure Vision Peep Sight



  • Simple to install
  • Lightweight
  • Guarantees clear and clean visibility
  • Great quality for the price
  • It has a peep aligner tube


  • Too large openings

Radical Archery Designs Maxim 38

The Maxim 38 peep sight by RAD comes with an aperture of 1/4″. It is produced with a high-impact polymer to guarantee that it is sufficiently strong for any hunting outing.

This peep sight model is self-aligning and utilizes a dual tapered alignment post. Due to 38-degree angle of the peep sight, it is good with long draw hunter shooting bows which features a small 30 axle to axle length. This peep sight model likewise accompanies a little miniaturized scale tube that can help to enhance speed and lessen noise with each shot.

RAD Maxim 38 1-4in w MicroTube



  • Very strong and durable
  • Great for hunting trips
  • Comes with a small tube that helps enhance speed and lessen noise with each shot
  • Not expensive
  • Great quality for the price


  • Minimal installation instructions available


What makes a great shooter/hunter is accuracy.

Whether you’re in the woods hunting or participating in a competition for prize money and honor, you will have to give that great shot. Though, there are still some people talented with that accurate shooting intuition. But unfortunately, it is quite possible that they can likewise end up in precarious circumstances that may decrease that ability in them.

This is the point at which a good bow peep sight proves to be handy. It makes you to be accurate and confident with your shots. Yes, whether intuition or not. So we believe this archery peep sight reviews will guide you in choosing the best and the right bow peep sight model for you.