Shooting With a Bow: Tips to Improve Your Aim

The act of shooting a bow requires your full concentration, great technique, and instruction. It is vital to make a periodic review of the basics regardless of the possibility that you have years of experience in shooting. Before going to the hunting field, it is the responsibility of a good hunter or Bowman to ensure that they are as deadly as their chosen weapon.

As a bow hunter, having the knowledge of how to accurately shoot a bow is our responsibility, as well as our right. Ensure you dedicate a considerable amount of time to practice the bow-shooting basics and apply this acquired knowledge to circumstances like the ones that will come your way while shooting in the hunting field. Regardless of whether you are about to begin or an expert in the game, discussed in this article are some fundamental tips that you need to improve both your aim and performance.

Test Your Anchor Points

The anchor point can be regarded as the point at where the bow is being pulled back before the arrow is being fired. Precision and consistency are some of the major requirement. In case you are still getting nervous on how to go about shooting a bow, you may need to explore different positions with your anchor points and find the one that works well and gives you total satisfaction.

Most anchor points are being tested by putting the hand that will be used to pull the string under the cheekbone and to pulls the string to the very tip of your nose. Once more, you may need to explore in order to discover an accurate position. Balancing your anchor point is the way to keeping your groupings accurate and tight.

Consistency in positioning a bow is similarly as the consistency involved in finding your anchor point. Put some kind of distinguishing data on your bow to help you recognize your bow quickly whenever you are shooting in a group. Maintain the position of your hand when gripping the bow. It is also important not only to hold the bow at a particular point each time you fire but also to have a reasonable level of grip. Firmly gripping a bow may tend to change your shot angle a little bit, but power can be controlled if you can loosely grip it.


Appropriate Posture

Unlike other sports, the issue of posture is very critical as it specifically has an impact on your aim. A correct position will enhance your power and precision thereby making it simpler to find your aim points. Whenever you are shooting, your feet ought to be perpendicular to the targeted object.

Always ensure you check your position before raising the bow and discovering your aim point. It might appear to be straightforward; however, appropriate position alone can be of great help.

The Right Bow

While the majority of the above tips are correct and more likely to help you hit a number of targeted object each time and even have a good catch while hunting for games, there shall come a time when an accuracy with short range will be insufficient.

The message is that a Bowman is just as good as the chosen bow. If you are either searching for a bow for hunting deer or you want to hunt down turkeys in the timber, you can successfully have a good catch by getting the right bow for any particular purpose.


Prior to Shooting

In a situation when your position is great and you have correctly gripped your bow with a good anchor point, you must make sure you don’t rush the shot despite that the fact that everything looks great. Your brain requires enough time to work on the complex physics needed for shooting.

Concentrate on the targeted object and focus for nothing less than ten seconds before you release the shot. It is also essential to prepare yourself to do this as it is very easy to get nervous and impatient thereby hastily releasing the shot. Just being patient and dedicating enough time for yourself to think and concentrate can really be a big challenge for a beginner is archery.

Try to concentrate on the targeted object for no less than ten seconds and you will begin to see a great improvement in your accuracy.

Follow Through

You must have heard an old adage that says, “Keep your eyes on the ball”. This is applicable to target shooting too. It might be enticing to drop the bow and look somewhere else after firing the arrow in order to save the tension due to the shooting. Nevertheless, you should remain in your position.

Always keep your bow up and your focus on the targeted object until the shot lands. While it may look underrated, doing this will enhance your aim and sustain it overtime. In case you see yourself dropping the bow and derailing your position just after you shoot, you can try dropping the bow early unconsciously.

You can control yourself on this by having either an instructor or a companion to watch you shoot. Also, you can bring a camcorder along to tape your shot if you prefer to do it yourself. A camera can up to an extent show some shooting flaws that an instructor won’t noticed that you made.


While it can involve competition, don’t forget that archery is just a leisure activity that you take part in either for enjoyment, fun or stress relieving. Stressing out or relaxing won’t just make you enjoy archery, but will also really enhance your aim and precision. If you have successfully trained your body to be natural and relaxed when shooting, you won’t encounter any tension related issues.

In case you are a beginner, try as much as possible not to over-train your body. In case you are not anticipating on shooting intensely, there is no major that you have to train heavily like you are getting ready for the Olympic games.

Therefore, keep relax, make use of these tips and enjoy, you will come out as an amazing shooter at last!