Guide to the Best Bow Stabilizers and Reviews 2018

If hunting is your passion, it is important that you do it the right way. But hunting is not as easy as it seems.

Don’t you just hate when you set your target up, and after carefully calculating your shot you still miss?

That is perhaps why various bow accessories were introduced. They are the perfect companions for every bow hunter, for beginners and novices alike.

And one such accessory is a bow stabilizer, which has seen quite a rise in popularity recently as more and more people are testing their archery skills. The best bow stabilizers can enhance your hunting experience greatly when chosen correctly.

Our Top Best Bow Stabilizers

PictureBow StabilizerOur Review
Trophy Ridge Static StabilizerTrophy Ridge Static StabilizerOur Review
New Archer 8 Inch Apache StabilizerNew Archer 8 Inch Apache StabilizerOur Review
Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme StabilizerBee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme StabilizerOur Review
TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Bow StabilizerTRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Bow StabilizerOur Review
Whether this is your first time, or you have a plethora of stabilizers, we will guide you through it!

What are Bow Stabilizers?

Not sure what bow stabilizers are? Bow stabilizers are accessories that enhance your hunting experience by assisting you in making more accurate shots. Stabilizers are basically a tube-shaped solid piece of material, whose basic job is to add some weight to the bow.

However, it must be kept in mind that too much weight is also problematic and unpractical for shooting. Thus, just the right amount of weight added at the right place on the bow is required, and the best bow stabilizers will do just that.

Stabilizers are made up of metal or any other heavy material, which is known to add some weight on the bow. Along with it, it consists of a dampening material at the center, which helps to minimize the vibrations caused in the bow. Along with that, it is typically assembled by one screw.

The bow stabilizers are made of many different designs and materials. Keep in mind that while there may be plenty of different styles and makes on the market, the basic principal and purpose remains the same.

It must dampen the vibrations and add a bit of weight to your bow.

What Makes a Perfect Bow Stabilizer?

The Body

The stabilizer body is very plain and simple. It is made in the shape of a tube, which is expected to balance the overall weight of the bow stabilizer and enhance its overall performance.

The weight, or rather the kind of material used for the body of the stabilizer, should be chosen judiciously as otherwise it might be too heavy to perform its purpose accurately.

The Dampening Material

In the middle of the length of the stabilizer, there is a dampening material added. This dampening material, as the name suggests, helps to minimize the vibrations as well as the noise and the shock.

Many people use rubber as a dampening material, but there are other materials that are used you may come across, since the market is expanding so quickly.

The Weight

The weight is supposed to be of any metal that forms the end of the stabilizer. This is put so that it gives a certain weight and tension. It must increase your performance, not hinder it. It is important to decide what you need.

The Screw

This is a simple screw attached to the opposite end of the weight. This is present so as to attach it to the bow accurately and make it perform the intended function as conveniently as possible.

But how would you ensure if your chosen bow stabilizer is the best one? Well, we will tell you how!

How To Ensure That You Buy the Best Bow Stabilizer

Choosing the best stabilizer for a bow that is available in the market will not necessarily help you serve the purpose. Choosing a stabilizer which is suitable for you from all aspects and that will serve your purpose just right is what we desire.

For this, it is important that you know each aspect of a bow as well as the intended stabilizer and match it up to your requirements before you select it.

Some of the basic things that will guide you while choosing your next bow stabilizer are:

Length of Stabilizer

As already mentioned, the length of the best archery stabilizer may vary from bow to bow. It is essential that you have just the right length for your stabilizer.

The length of the stabilizer might vary depending on your requirements. A long stabilizer will give great stability to your bow while shooting. This, however, does not mean that you would always require the longest stabilizer for your bow.

The length of the stabilizer will also vary depending on the user’s height. So, before settling down for any bow stabilizer, take this into consideration!

Bow hunters choose the shorter stabilizers so that they are easy to handle whereas archers and target shooters prefer the longer ones.

Try and Test

It is best to try and test the different sized stabilizers, if possible, before buying one. This will help you get a better idea about the performance of the stabilizer and how effective it will be in enhancing your shooting skills.

How much balance you would require on your bow will vary and thus you can select the one which suits you best for you after checking out if the bow stabilizer is capable of providing balance.

Most outdoor shops are more than happy to allow you to test products on your equipment prior to your purchase. Just go in and ask!


How Much Will It Damper?

Bow hunters generally prefer quiet bows. This is why a dampening material is an important factor for the best bow stabilizer for hunting.

This does not just dampen the shock and the vibration; it is also capable of dampening the noise caused due to the shooting as well. Thus while selecting, check on the dampening material that has been used for the stabilizer and if you get a chance to test it, just concentrate on the noise it causes, if any.


The best compound bow stabilizers are built in a way to provide a proportional weight to the bow. However, it is best to ensure that the weight provided by your new stabilizer is just enough, but not too much, to serve your purpose.

All this and a couple of your other personal preferences should be taken into account. This will help you purchase the best compound bow stabilizer for hunting or just for target shooting at home – either way it will give you a lifetime of great bow experiences.

The Best Bow Stabilizer Reviews

A bow stabilizer is an accessory that reduces the torque and vibration when an arrow is shot, thus providing better balance of the bow in the archer’s hands. During hunting, when you must pull to a full draw to ensure a clean kill, the bow stabilizer certifies the highest accuracy.

In short, it can make your shot a big success or a big blunder if you haven’t made the correct purchase.

Let’s help you out there by providing you the best bow stabilizer reviews.

</p> <h3>Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer</h3> <p>

Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer


Trophy Ridge is the brand to trust when it comes to bow accessories and it shows just why you need to choose this as the best archery stabilizer.

Truth be told, this is one of the best bow stabilizers that you can find on the market at a low cost. Its low price however doesn’t deter its benefits a bit!

This ultra-light weight stabilizer is ideal for the ardent bow hunter with its dual range of customizations to control and adjust the balance and weight as required.

Its innovative design allows easy passing of air through it, thus assuring steady shots even in windy environments. This also makes it shock absorbent. Trophy Ridge’s eminent Ballistic Co-Polymer System makes it lighter by 25% than aluminum without conceding any strength.

The product is 6 inches long and comes in various colors for you to pick from. A braided wrist string comes with the product so that you can still keep your hands steady on your bow as well.

This is our pick for the best bow stabilizer for the money!


  • Durable and sturdy design.
  • Unique Ballistic Co-Polymer system makes it lightweight.
  • Sold with end weights.
  • Soft-touch coating safeguards against shock and vibrations.


  • 6-inch length might not be suitable for all.
  • Only works on ¼ inch thread.
</p> <h3>New Archer 8 Inch Apache Stabilizer</h3> <p>

New Archer 8 Inch Apache Stabilizer


The Apache line by New Archer Products is also known as the best hunting bow stabilizer. It is celebrated for its hardwearing and compact assembly, and high-quality stealth designs.

Their latest model, the 8-inch bow stabilizer is the best choice for people who should be getting a lot better control on their bows. It uses top dampening materials, which will minimize vibrations by up to 80% and gives you the silent edge while shooting. To add to its adaptability, it comes with a 5” base, as the 8” allows for 3” to be removed.

The shorter length is handy for target shooting while the other proves worthy for hunting. A 2 oz. carbon fiber accessory bar helps you to balance out the bow. The entire stabilizer weighs just 7.5 ounces.

This weight modification allows for better aim and accuracy, even at long distances. This paramount product from N.A.P. comes in a color choice. It has a hard plastic bushing on its back so that when you put it back on your bow, the finish is not impaired.

This is truly one of the best hunting bow stabilizers!


  • Proprietary dampening materials absorb vibration and noise.
  • Length alteration gives better bow control.
  • Long-lasting construction.
  • Reasonably priced.


  • Does not dampen noise as much as vibration
  • A bit difficult to disassemble from the bow.
</p> <h3>Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme Stabilizer</h3> <p>

Bee Stinger Sport Hunter Extreme Stabilizer


Bee Stinger provides archers with an unsurpassed collection of related products that catches any seasoned archer’s attention. The Sport Hunter Extreme bow stabilizer was launched after thorough testing and research and received wide acclaim for checking off all the boxes related to more stability and lesser vibrations.

Sport Hunter Extreme is made up of a carbon fiber rod that stabilizes your bow when it shoots off an arrow.

This is one of the best archery stabilizers because it is integrated with SIMS Internal Harmonic Dampener and the De-Resonator component. In short, it practically eradicates the vibrations on your bow.

Its unique design puts the aluminum weight at the farthest position from your bow. The length is extensively adjustable from 6 – 10 inches in 5-inch increments. It also comes in a range of different colors, so you can choose whatever fits your style best.


  • Strong and durable but awfully light.
  • Powder-coated end caps and stainless steel mounting bolts.
  • Fast removal and installation.


  • Noise reduction capability isn’t first in class
  • Can prove to be a bit too long for some hunters.
</p> <h3>TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Bow Stabilizer</h3> <p>

TRUGLO Tru-Tec Carbon Pro Bow Stabilizer


Truglo is the ultimate stabilizer you need to enhance balance and reduce any vibration and noise. It comes with an adjustable weight suspension with three weights of one ounce each, which would help you in adjusting the stabilizer as per your needs.

The High-Modulus carbon-filled rod further provides the stabilizer strength and stability.

With a tri-foil shape that has a rigid position, and a 13-inch length it can greatly reduce vibrations.


  • Weight is highly adjustable.
  • Tri-foil shape.
  • Removable weights made up of stainless steel.


  • Longer stabilizer.

Which Is the Best Pick?

Before you make a selection, remember that the best bow stabilizer will vary from person to person. The so-called “perfect” bow stabilizer depends only on you, the archer.

The products presented above in our choice of best stabilizer reviews are assured to fit an array of preferences, but at the end of the day, what you think is most comfortable with you shall be worth the money.

The only way to assess that would be to try out some of the products mentioned above and getting a first-hand experience of what suits you.

However, if you want to know our verdict, the best bow stabilizer that we would recommend is BEE STINGER, even though it is a bit higher priced than the others.

It is not recommended if you’re not in the sport on a pro level. It’s a really tough battle between the remaining three if money is your concern, as they come in quite the same range of features and bonuses.

If you liked one of the stabilizers from our compound bow stabilizer reviews, then the best suggestion that we can give is to try out at least one of them to know which suits you more for the best hunting experience.