Guide To Best Slingshots For Hunting And Survival With Reviews

Are you excited about trying out slingshots? Well, you’re not alone! Tons of people around the world pick the best slingshots as their number one hobby.

Ever since its inception in the 1880s, a slingshot has proven to be an effective projectile weapon. Gone are the days when slingshots were solely used for the purpose of shooting and hunting, but gradually it has found various other applications as well.

Be it for a professional or an amateur, the slingshot still has a tendency to interest a number of enthusiasts.

If you are one of them, here is a complete guide to the best slingshots, and how you could go about using them.

Our Top Best Slingshots For Hunting And Survival

Powerful Outdoor Hunting SlingShot High Velocity Professional Catapult SlingshotsPowerful Outdoor Hunting SlingShotOur Review
Catapult by Tiger SlingshotsCatapult by Tiger SlingshotsOur Review
The Scout Hunting SlingshotThe Scout Hunting SlingshotOur Review
Torque SlingshotTorque SlingshotOur Review
Trumark SlingshotTrumark SlingshotOur Review

Choosing the Best Slingshot Made Easy

Because of the wide variety of uses, slingshots are quite popular among many outdoor enthusiasts. Slingshots began as a conventional weapon, for hunting or for one’s enemies. Today, many people buy them as toys for their kids.

But don’t get it confused – slingshots are still very capable of being used as weapons!

When you have to choose the correct slingshot for yourself, there should be various things you keep in mind and criteria that should be met. In order to make the best decision for the product, it requires adequate knowledge about slingshots.

Moreover, the more important and interesting fact is that experience plays a huge role in this decision.

So, what do you have to consider while choosing a slingshot? Here are some ideas.


Comfort is the most important aspect of choosing a slingshot. Every user must ensure that the device fits comfortably in his or her hands and is easy to use and operate. For professionals, this would mean reaching the targets well and going about the hunting trips more efficiently.


When it comes to the make, there are three different materials with which slingshots are usually made of. These include wood, plastic, and metal. Now, how do we choose among the three?

For starters, metal is a rather heavy product and thus puts a strain on your hands while hunting or using the slingshot. For a beginner, this might prove to be too much trouble.

On the other hand, wood and plastic are your lighter options and serve well for these purposes.

But the last 2 materials differ from one another based on their smoothness. The wooden slingshots are beaten by the plastic and metallic ones, owing to it poor durability.  The choice of the material depends upon your purpose of usage and your experience with the product.

Elastic Band Material

Now, in the slingshot, the elastic band is also an important component and the right make is absolutely imperative. You might choose to opt for the flat type variety since it provides more accuracy and efficiency. This is the reason why a lot of professionals go for this product.

On the other hand, the other variety of tubular band is more preferred for commercial purposes since it is durable and proves to be more common for long-term users.

Other Features

The best slingshots come with several useful features, which are not only good for a random enthusiast but also for serious hunters. The features define the slingshot into categories for novices or professionals.

The adjustable feature is the most sought after by the slingshot owners as it makes it the best value for money.


  • The grip means everything in the world of slingshot. If the grip has any downside, then every other aspect of the slingshot goes to waste. Therefore, the grip is the king in this field.
  • To be able to be good at slingshot the grip plays a pivotal role. It allows for a longer duration of use if it is comfortable. If the grip is poor it may kill your wrist and make you give up on slingshot altogether.
  • As a piece of advice, before you make a purchase take time to get a feel for the grip. Pull the elastic back and give it a test.


  • The sight in the slingshot helps the shooter with better accuracy and range.
  • The sight makes it fun for anyone to shoot with the slingshot. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, you will enjoy shooting with the sight.
  • You can aim many different sizes of targets with the slingshot that has the feature of sight.
  • The bestselling slingshots out there already come with a sight and you can consider one of those.

Hollow Handle

  • A hollow handle makes the slingshot more durable and stable. The slingshot requires a structure of both rigidity and flexibility and the hollow handle provides both of these features.
  • Some of the hollow handles could also double up as storage of some vital stuff for you.
  • Above all, the hollow handle makes the slingshot lightweight; which takes the slingshot accessibility and likeability to a whole new level.

Now that you know what actually comprises the best slingshots, it is time to delve further and know how to tune your slingshot like a pro, and later have a look at the everyday and hunting slingshot reviews we’ve prepared for you.

Tuning a Slingshot Explained

Once you have made a choice and got yourself the best slingshot, the next question lies in the use of it. It might look like a really easy product to handle and use, but there is more to a slingshot than it appears.

Out of all of this, the tuning process is a rather important one. Here are some tips and suggestions that will help you tune your product well and improve on its velocity and accuracy.


The bands determine the slingshot’s shooting characteristics. This is the most important part of the product. Each shooter has a band that has been customized to her or his shooting needs.

If you change the band, you will disturb the shooting momentum. This is because each shooter comes with a different draw length, which is measured by stretching your arms sideways and tabulating some distance between the two. This is the first trick to getting an accurate sling.

Secondly, in order to make it work, the band must be aligned properly. This would mean that the pouch is held at a 90-degree angle to the handle with the rubber tubes being relaxed.


There are ways by which you can work your way around the pouch in a slingshot. Simply make a small hole in the pouch, right about its center. When a pellet is inserted, it becomes easier to bring it to the center. Moreover, you can also make a few extra holes in order to reduce friction.


Like any other machine or device, your slingshot also needs some maintenance work in order to keep it safe and in working condition for prolonged periods of time.

Firstly, try to keep it away from excessive sunlight. This only wears away the product and effectively reducing its efficiency.

You could also occasionally clean it with a wax protectant. Using sandpaper to smoothen the ends of the fork is also a good idea to keep your weapon in shape.

Also, make sure that your slingshot is not tucked away in one a corner in your home. Regular use is the best way to keep it in working condition.

These are some of the many ways in which you can increase the lifespan of your slingshot and also make it more accurate in action.

Beginner? Here’s How to Shoot Using a Slingshot

A slingshot is quite different and more challenging than a rifle or bow since in this case, you have to make an eye measurement and target your prey instead of actually knowing which way the projectile will go. Here are some steps to follow:

Loading and Pulling

Once you have inserted the pellet into the sling band, pull it backward while grabbing on to the pouch with your thumb and index finger.

This is pulled back till the cheeks and the point where the pouch touches the chin is called the anchor point.


Aiming is an important aspect here because our eye’s line of sight is straight while the pellet will be taking a projectile path from the slingshot pouch. Therefore, marking the correct aim is an absolute necessary for the shoot.


This is an interesting process where you hold the sling at an angle of 45 degrees to the ground instead of holding it vertically. This gives you a better draw and thus better results.

That being said, by now you have already got enough information on slingshots and are surely all ready to take the plunge!

Right? It is time to have a look at the best slingshot reviews. Read on!

The 9 Best Slingshots Reviewed

</p> <h3>High-Velocity Professional Catapult Slingshots</h3> <p>

Powerful Outdoor Hunting SlingShot High Velocity Professional Catapult Slingshots


If you are looking for a professional catapult slingshot then the High-velocity Professional Slingshot is the best slingshot for you. The product is built with high-quality material and is of a unique design.

It comes from the house of Soumal, which has been in the business long enough to create a good reputation in the market. An aluminum alloy frame is used to make this magnificent slingshot.

The anti-skid rope and high-tension rubber bands make it a durable product. The product comes with four rubber bands. The rubber bands are high-speed and also high-tension rubber bands.

You can use this slingshot for outdoor competitions and fitness catapult contests. The package already has one of the best slingshot ammo (some steel balls included).


  • Made up of high-quality material
  • Comes along with four rubber bands
  • Unique appearance


  • May not be large enough for people with big hands
</p> <h3>Catapult by Tiger Slingshots</h3> <p>

Catapult by Tiger Slingshots


This slingshot is for people who want to have the flexibility to adjust the usage according to their preference. This slingshot is one of the most powerful slingshots available in the market right now.

The steel frame is fully adjustable, which makes it really stand out from the rest. All you need to do is adjust a single screw on the slingshot to make it match your desires.

This lightweight slingshot also has a non-slip handle grip to prevent errors while shooting. Remember that you need to be 18 years or older to purchase this slingshot (don’t ask us why!).


  • Fully adjustable
  • Non-slip handle grip
  • Alloy and leather design


  • Must be 18 years or older to purchase
</p> <h3>The Scout Hunting Slingshot</h3> <p>

The Scout Hunting Slingshot


The Scout Hunting Slingshot is all American made. This is one of the best hunting slingshots due to its strong polycarbonate makeup. The package includes latex flatbands and the innovative, yet easy to use trademarked FlipClips.

The package also contains the full manual which would help you to better understand and effectively use this product.

If you want to experiment with the shooting style, then this product fits the bill perfectly. The elastic used in this slingshot is of premium quality.

The one thing to note is that the slingshot doesn’t come with the bands installed. However it is versatile enough to use just about any band available. If you have the plan to invest for your first slingshot then this could be a good choice as it is highly beginner friendly.


  • Strong and durable frame
  • Quality leather carry pouch included
  • FlipClip design makes changing bands seamless


  • Bands are not installed
</p> <h3>Torque Slingshot</h3> <p>

Torque Slingshot


We had to include this on our hunting slingshot reviews. This is also one of the best hunting slingshots, which is completely built in the United States and is made up of virtually indestructible glass filled nylon.

This slingshot is small enough to fit in your pocket and carry easily. It is also lightweight and is capable of being used with heavy flat bands or tube bands if you are interested in hunting. The design of the slingshot is ambidextrous, which is great for both left and right-handed shooters alike.

The important thing to note is that it is not meant for kids or new shooters. This particular slingshot is apt for the experienced shooters only. However, this could be a great addition to your bug out bag!


  • Completely built in the US
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Lightweight and compact size


  • Not meant for beginners.
</p> <h3>Trumark Slingshot</h3> <p>

Trumark Slingshot


This slingshot is the best deal for those who are looking for stability and accuracy. The slingshot is comfortable to use and is also adjustable according to one’s style of shooting.

The good thing about this slingshot is that both the adults and kids can use it alike.

You might say this is the best slingshot ammo because of one interesting feature of this slingshot. The slingshot’s handle stores compatible ammo, allowing you to carry along one less thing. This design has a chamber in the handle that allows you to push up and release ammo from the bottom.

According to the company, this slingshot can shoot to a range of 225 yards!


  • No age restrictions
  • Ammo storage in slingshot
  • 225 yard range


  • Not the most durable band material is used
</p> <h3>Sunwon® Hunting Slingshot</h3> <p>

Sunwon Hunting Slingshot


The Sunwon is a powerful, high velocity aluminum alloy slingshot. The slingshot is a fantastic piece of equipment for outdoor entertainment. Opt for this one if you’re looking for the best slingshot for hunting.

The grip of this slingshot is made of ABS plastic with a painted on camouflage pattern. The slingshot can be used to shoot varied kinds of objects ranging from small rocks, marbles, paintballs etc.

As part of this slingshots unique design, a trio of bands is used rather than just one. As a result, one can expect a little more power than most slingshots. The product is comfortable to use and should be compatible for most by age groups.


  • Aluminum alloy frame
  • Natural rubber latex bands
  • Camouflage ABS grip
  • No age restriction


  • Very small grip for shooting
</p> <h3>VERRY100AXE Pro Wood Slingshot</h3> <p>

VERRY100AXE Pro Wood Handle Stainless Steel Slingshot


This slingshot is your best friend when it comes to hunting as it comes with a stainless steel handle with tomahawk wood grip.

As one of the best slingshots for hunting, it provides a very durable design. The stainless steel is anti-rust, which makes it a good candidate for rough use through mud or even water.

The rubber used is high quality natural rubber latex. The top leather around the frame is an original cow rubber wrapper. The fit and finish of this slingshot are one of the finest in the market.

The looks and feel of this product are professional but at the same time, it is easy to use too.


  • Made up of stainless steel
  • Tomahawk wooden grip
  • Anti-rust
  • Thick latex rubber bands


  • Bands do not come assembled to slingshot
</p> <h3>Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot</h3> <p>

Y-Shot Hunting Slingshot


The Y-shot slingshot is the best survival slingshot that is made with the configuration of a serious hunting slingshot. The slingshot is great for the survivalists, campers, and hunters. Hence, it’s a must on our hunting slingshot reviews.

The range of this product is adequate for a regular hunter and can kill your prey instantly. The enthusiast can use a varied type of accessories (like flashlights) to enhance the ability of their slingshot. The ability to add accessories makes this one very versatile.

The dimensions of the product are compact in size and make the slingshot one of a kind. The bearings projected through this slingshot can travel up to 150 feet per second. The black aluminum frame is sturdy and the grip comes with paracord tied around it, just in case you need to tie something in a pinch!

For those reasons and many more, obviously, a must as one of the best survival slingshots.


  • High velocity capabilities
  • Sturdy build
  • Paracord included
  • Good range is supported


  • High sales price
</p> <h3>The Pocket Shot</h3> <p>

The Pocket Shot


The pocket shot is a unique accessory for hunters and is one of the best slingshots in the market. You will have to remove the image of a normal slingshot from your mind though. This slingshot has a circular design that will allow you to use a variety of different projectiles at 2 or 3 times the velocity of a regular slingshot.

It is made of polycarbonate plastic, which should be strong. As the name may imply, it is compact and can fit in your pocket or tackle box. This slingshot might have the best slingshot ammo just for the reason that it has a watertight compartment that allows you to store ammo or other items safely.

With shooting speeds of up to 350 feet per second, this one is worth the look!


  • Watertight ammo compartment
  • Compact design
  • Value pricing


  • Difficult to aim consistently

Over to You

The slingshots have been around for centuries and have been the mainstay of hunters and gatherers. The modern day slingshots come in many shapes and sizes.

The purposes are different for different people, but the fun remains paramount.

Most of the slingshots provide the customers with the advantage of easy grip and heavy shooting. The modern day slingshots now also come with high-quality bands that make the task even easier.

In the age of guns, the slingshots have still not lost their glory and continue to be a hobby for tons of people. More than anything it has become like a sport and you may find yourself indulged into shooting in no time!

You undoubtedly are bombarded with many different choices to choose from once you begin browsing online. If you want to make your first purchase, then, in our opinion, the best slingshot on the market we’d recommend as the first purchase would be the Sunwon slingshot, as it will give you enough grip and easy operation.

The material quality and the price at which it is sold allow this to be a solid value purchase. You get exactly what you pay for. The quality is uncompromised and the experience should be a great one.

Whether you are looking for the best survival slingshot or the best hunting slingshot, it should serve its purpose adequately.

We hope our slingshot reviews have helped you in making the first step closer to shooting your first round of ammunition!

What are your views on slingshots? Which is the best slingshot as per your experience? Do let us know in the comments!